About Us

  1. We are a highly motivated, dedicated renewable energy company

    Our reputation is built from our no-nonsense approach. We are always pushing to get the latest, most efficient, best-suited technology into our product offerings and the quality and price of our installations is second to none. We are very proud of the uniformly excellent feedback we receive on the standard of our customer service, which aims primarily to inform customers until they feel able to make assured purchasing decisions for themselves.  By presenting the benefits of the technologies on offer in a clear and comprehensible manner, and offering installations at low prices, we are able to operate without employing any sales people, just highly knowledgeable technical staff.We specialise in the design, supply and installation of:

    • Solar photovoltaic installations
    • Eco construction
    • Electric vehicle charge points
    • Energy saving technology (such as LED lighting, smart-switching schemes and heating controls).
  2. We run our own company in an environmentally conscious way.

    We operate from low energy, paperless offices and have recently begun introducing electric vehicles into our fleet. This focus on sustainability has made it possible for us to keep our overheads low allowing us to pass on savings to our customers while remaining successful and focussed in a complicated and fast-moving marketplace.

  3. From start to finish you, our customers are our priority

    We will always give the best advice to meet your needs. With most of our work coming via referrals from happy customers you can be sure of us.

  4. We are an ethical business

    We have ethical business practices and will always provide the best possible service for our customers.

  5. We never cut corners

    Our installs typically use either Schletter or K2 mounting equipment with stainless steel roof hooks, aluminium rails and stainless steel screws. While lesser mounting systems may reduce the price of an install, using them goes against our ethos of providing a top quality service. Cutting corners can and will lead to repairs and costs some years later that will be avoided if the job is done right. When we wire your system, all external wires are UV protected and run in conduit to protect them from the elements for the lifetime of the system. Exposed wires can be a weak point that will lead to costly repairs down the line. All cables under the array are tied to the rails to prevent them fraying over time by rubbing on roof surfaces. We are driven to ensure all our work stands the test of time and our workmanship comes with a 10 year warranty backed by the RECC assurance scheme.

  6. We don’t cut corners

    We don’t do hard sell and can rely on giving you the best information to get your business. Unlike other companies we like it when you do your research and we have many customers and installations for you to visit if required. Under no circumstances do we use third party companies to gain our business. This means no chance of someone turning up to do a survey with no installation knowledge or trying to force a quick sale, just friendly technical advice on what will work best for your property.

  7. An efficient, lean organisational structure

    With no tiers of middle management or sales teams we are able to pass on cheaper prices than larger companies without compromising quality or experience.

  8. We aim to source our equipment from the EU whenever possible

    Whilst there is nothing wrong with equipment made by responsible companies from further afield, if we can avoid shipping stuff from far away and support more local economies then we will.

  9. State of the art in-house design process

    We use the best tools available to ensure your quote and performance projections are accurate. We always design with the best possible components to suit your requirements. Currently we use PV*SOL Expert 7 by Valentin Software to provide 3D models of your house and nearby features. We accurately predict direction, angle and shading issues with their effect on your annual energy yield. With 25 years’ worth of location-specific climate data to generate our forecasts and an up-to-the-minute database of every MCS-approved component on the market, a quote from us will give everything you need with no hidden extras and our systems consistently out perform others.

  10. Our team has many years experience in all aspects of construction

    With years of experience as site managers, roofers, builders, electricians and plumbers we can undertake incidental work if needed (such as lowering chimney stacks to reduce shading, adding insulation or roof strengthening).

We love clean energy and saving you money and will always keep your property looking its best while we do it.