Farm buildings are often ideal for solar. We find that these structures are often perfect for easy (cost-effective!) installations and the business case for doing this work is always compelling.

With extensive knowledge of working on barns and rural outbuildings, we tailor the design of your array to meet your energy demands. Solar for dairies or high-energy processing farms will transform your overheads and create additional revenue for your business.

We are not salesmen – we are the people you should come to for our technical know-how, no-nonsense approach to pricing and financial projections and a deep understanding of the particular installation considerations necessary to deliver quality installations of solar pv on farm buildings.

Sunlight Future can manage your export to comply with Distribution Network Operator (DNO) requirements. Over the years we have garnered all the experience needed to work with Western Power and other regional DNOs in rural locations . Our technical expertise allows large-scale deployment even when the local electrical distribution grid was previously thought to need expensive reinforcement.

With a full range of finance options to meet every requirement we are pleased to be be working with farmers across the UK to maximise their returns in a competitive market.

The energy needs of agricultural facilities vary quite widely but invariably energy costs are an expenditure that you neither want nor should need to see rising year-on-year.  We have developed a number of tools to enable us to benchmark your energy usage, building up a detailed and long term picture of your energy usage patterns.  This means our proposals can be tailored to offer you the greatest savings at the lowest capital cost. Careful consideration at this stage by us will give you decades of improvements in financial security, hand-in-hand with substantial environmental benefits.  A typical 50kWp array will reduce your CO2 footprint to the tune of 24 tonnes per year. Those are numbers to shout about!

Contact us today for fast, free advice on how you can reduce your running costs by £1000s per year.