Solar power for your business

Smart business leaders understand: success in the future will be energy efficient.

Solar PV is an ideal technology to make large reductions in carbon emissions, a growing legal requirement in today’s business environment. We understand that this is an opportunity and know the value of an integrated energy strategy as one of the key elements of your successful business.

Our experience shows that running a business in an environmentally sustainable way is not a luxury but an essential part of reducing overheads and maximising profit.

Our service for commercial customers removes all barriers; allowing your transition to an energy-efficient business, ready for the future and generating higher cash-flow. We have 4 finance options to maximise your business’ profit from solar (see below).

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  1. 1
    Zero upfront costs

    We know you need to concentrate on your core business. We take away the need for upfront investment meaning instant savings, no risk and no maintenance. Your capital continues working hard for you and your running costs are reduced from day one. A typical mid sized array (30kWp) on a business can reduce bills by £5,000 per year with a zero upfront cost power purchase agreement (PPA). The purchase agreement is linked to the RPI so you are further protected from the turbulence of energy price hikes.

  2. 2
    Future power purchase

    With a very manageable upfront cost all generated electricity used throughout the lifetime of the installation costs you absolutely nothing. This means a reduction of over £100k for many PPA plans on small to medium businesses.

  3. 3
    Cash-positive project finance

    Our funding partners work with us to ensure that loan repayments are less than the income and savings generated by the panels after a small initial investment . Full ownership can be achieved within 5 yrs with no additional overheads, Feed in Tariffs guarantee large savings and income stream for the next 15 yrs. Tax benefits also apply.

  4. 4
    Outright purchase:

    With commercial solar PV systems  generating impressive, inflation-linked returns of up to 15% per annum with tariffs guaranteed by the government for 20 years a typical mid sized array (30kWp) will generate over £150,000 of rock steady, bankable income over its lifespan even before energy price rises are factored.




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