Electric Vehicle Charge Points

PodPoint ChargerSunlight Future are very keen on electric vehicles (particularly when they can be changed from your solar panels!).  We have teamed up with leading electric charge point manufacturers, to help deliver the infrastructure to help people move to the new era in motoring.

Improve the ROI on your solar investment and never fuel up at a garage

Many customers ask us about the possibilities for storing power from their PV array using a battery system.  This is currently one of the most exciting areas of development and electric vehicles can now play a big part with their inbuilt power storage. Electric vehicles benefit from the large R&D investment in battery technology and the current generation of vehicles have Lithium-Ion (and Lithium-Iron) batteries with large capacity and charging performance. Charging vehicles during the day from a home with a solar array can ensure you harness all of the available energy and run an astonishingly low-carbon and zero-emission vehicle.

An average home with a 4kW solar array will not use about half of the generated energy a year, which would then be exported back to the grid.  Half of the energy from the average 4kW array is 1,800 kilowatt hours – enough to power your electric car for over 6,000 miles! (Based on figures from our Renault Kangoo ZE.)

Solar car ports

We are happy to be offering a range of these exciting new products, the dual functionality of the panels providing power and protection from the elements is a striking feature to any location.


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