Solar power for your home

Sunlight Future design, supply and fit with our in-house team. Never outsourcing to other companies means control over quality, we are happy to have a 10 year workmanship warranty because we treat every home as if it were our own. Our industry leading service delivers the best design with the right equipment at the right price.

We make solar power investment as sustainable as it should be.

How it works:

Solar photovoltaic panels generate clean renewable energy by harnessing the free solar power of our sun, you benefit from free electricity and Feed in and Export Tariffs. With fuel bills continuing to relentlessly rise and the added benefits of energy storage, EV’s and energy management there has never been a better time to take advantage of this exciting green technology.

Is it right for you?

Generating your own solar energy is an intelligent investment in your own future. Sunlight Future solar PV systems return an average of £1000 per year for 20 years, however investment is not right for everyone and not every house is suitable. Our ethos is to find the right solution for each customer even if that means advising against solar on the rare occasion it wouldn’t be effective, to find out more just ask us today.

  • Fast Design Service

    10yrs of postcode specific climate data, shading analysis and database of every UK approved product equals the right products at the right price

  • Expert Advice

    We give you what you need from experts: uncluttered advice, free from sales nonsense.

  • Product Knowledge

    Sunlight Future have a broad and carefully chosen product range, firm partnerships with the industry’s best manufacturers.

  • Efficient & Professional Installs

    With work carried out by our own dedicated install teams ensure that our designs become top quality installations with unbeatable guarantees

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why now?

    Solar installations are better value than ever before, solar PV is a mature technology with proven bankability, equipment and installation costs have stabilised in a time when energy costs are continuing to rise. Advances in battery storage and energy management mean that our customers are more self sufficient than ever, achieving energy security and large savings to running costs whilst producing their own clean energy. 

  2. Is my house suitable?

    Most buildings have some usable roof space and can benefit from solar PV but not all will be worth installing on. South facing roofs are optimum but east / west roofs can produce nearly as much clean power and should also be considered.

    Its quick to get all the answers and a free bespoke design that optimises your house with a fast, easy and cost free quote and survey from us.

  3. Is it a good deal?

    Solar PV installation typically represents a stunning investment returning up to 15% ROA, tax free for a guaranteed 20 yrs. Domestic customers see far better returns than compared to leaving money in an ISA or a pension plan.

    Call us today to discuss your best options.

  4. Are there still grants available?

    Renewable energy qualifies for generation payments for every kilowatt hour of power you produce, these typically cover the outlay of buying the system in 6-7 years and will generate a sizeable profit over the life of the system but there are no upfront grants available to buy the systems. We do, however, have a full range of finance options available.

  5. Are solar panels worth it?

    Undoubtedly yes! they will secure your future energy price, provide savings and produce clean, energy that benefits all our futures.

  6. How does it work?

    As the sun’s rays hit the silicon crystals of the solar panels it causes electrons to flow, by arranging many crystal cells in series we can create usable amounts of energy that flow in Direct Current (DC) this is then put through an Inverter which changes the electricity to the Alternating Current (AC) that we use in our homes and can export back into the National Grid.

  7. How is solar fitted?

    Sunlight Future supply and fit either bolt on Solar PV systems that are mounted on top of your roof tiles or integrated panels that are part of the roof structure.
    The mounting system typically fits up under the tiles and are fixed to the rafters of the roof.

    The type of mounting system may vary depending on your roof type but our quote will account for this, we have extensive experience with all roof types. Domestic systems will usually be completed in 1 or 2 days but we will take as long as needed to make sure your job is 100% right and will be covered by our 10yr workmanship warranty.


Sunlight Future are proud of the level of service we offer to our customers. Please see below testimonials from previous residential solar installations:


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