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The solar pv Feed-In Tariff is going to be reduced on 31st December 2014 (for applications made after this date). We are booking up quickly for installs to complete before the end of the year.  The new rates have been announced which are reduced by approx 3.5% for new applications for systems 0-50kW. Rates for systems greater than 50kW in capacity […]

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There are several tools for satnavs and smartphones with mapping of UK charge points. Visit the ZapMap site to see one of the more popular public databases:

Powering your electric vehicle from free solar energy is one of the most satisfying driving experiences you will ever have! Call today for information on to how we will help you brighten all our futures.

Find out whether your house qualifies for the highest Feed-In Tariff rates. EPCs required for all new solar installs, free for all our customers.