Solar power for your business

Smart businesses understand: success in the future will be energy efficient.

Reducing energy and carbon emissions are an opportunity to optimise your business. Solar PV is a perfectly placed technology to generate meaningful carbon savings and ensure your business is future-proofed against the tide of rising energy costs.

Running a business in an environmentally sustainable way is increasingly part of reducing overheads, maximising profits and future proofing.

Sunlight Future offer commercial clients a simple path to becoming a greener, more energy-efficient business, ready to tackle the future with reduced operational costs.

We have finance options to suit most businesses:

Reduce your overheads

Finance Packages

  1. 1
    Outright purchase

    Commercial solar PV systems generate reliable returns of up to 15% per annum increasing your energy self-sufficiency and taking advantage of 20-year index-linked tariff income. Solar is a well established technology that has a typical economic life of over 25 years and new installations are eligible to claim capital allowances. If you move premises during this time solar arrays can be sold on as fixtures of the building (ownership of the tariffs can be transferred) or simply removed and transferred to your next facility.

  2. 2
    Cash-positive asset finance

    Taking away the need for full upfront investment and ensuring your future energy costs are low . Our funding partners work with us to ensure that loan repayments are less than the income and savings generated by the panels after a small initial investment . Full ownership can be achieved within 5 yrs with no additional overheads, your capital continues working hard for you and your running costs are reduced from day one. Savings from the PV asset are designed to offset the finance costs and achieve full repayment in as few as 5 yrs, savings and income after this and for the lifespan of the system are owned by the business.

  3. 3
    Power Purchase Agreements

    With the rapid drop in the cost of renewables relative to increasing energy costs, Power Purchase Agreements have emerged as a serious vehicle for zero-to-low outlay solar PV installations for high energy users.  We can signpost your company to private initiatives or community-owned energy cooperatives that make the investment for you as well and manage the operation and maintenance of the solar assets through their lifespan. A purchase agreement allows you to pay for only the proportion of the solar PV generated electricity you use at lower than market rates and protected from market price rises.





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