Solar Power for Cars

Imagine driving a zero emission vehicle powered by free,clean energy you have harnessed from the Sun.

Solar powered electric cars are here and are one of the most exciting ways of using the power you are creating with your solar array.

With Sunlight Future, an electric vehicle and solar PV freedom from the pain of ever increasing fuel prices is an achievable reality.

Our own electric van is used to courier equipment and technicians. With our solar powered charge point installed at our Create Centre offices it forms a working model of how EVs can save your home and business money whilst eliminating exhaust pollution and reducing carbon emissions. Not only can your travel be environmentally friendly, your home or business will have less overheads.


Sunlight Future provide solutions for all Electric Vehicle (EV) charging requirements. A full range of chargers and accessories to suit domestic or commercial purposes are available immediately.

We aim to take the confusion out of selecting between the leading brands by offering clear advice on which products best suit your requirement.

We deliver standalone charging solutions or integrated solar + EV systems, future proofing your home or business and providing an income for years to come.

We are happy to be offering a range of these exciting new products, the dual functionality of the panels providing power and protection from the elements is a striking feature to any location.

Contact us today to talk about the best solution for your home or business.

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