Energy Performance Certificates

Energy Performance Certificates

Since the 1st April 2012 all domestic properties have required an EPC rating of D or above to qualify for the highest Feed in Tariff (FIT) rate.  To check whether you house currently holds an EPC you can visit the national EPC register online:

If you are considering solar on a commercial premises, the non-domestic EPC register is available here:

It is rare for domestic properties to have an EPC below the “D” rating required for the Feed in Tariff. As of the 15th January 2016, the “D” rating must be obtained before the renewable plant is commissioned, in order to be eligible for the higher FIT rate. This requirement has been introduced to encourage the uptake of energy efficiency measures in domestic properties. Previously the PV system itself could contribute towards the EPC rating. If you don’t have an EPC or are very concerned that your house will not make the grade, you can test the water by having a preliminary assessment carried out. This draft EPC will tell you your prospective rating and the assessor may even be able to suggest some very cheap (and worthwhile) smaller measures you should do to increase your rating further. After the installation of the appropriate measures, evidence will need to be provided to the assessor and the EPC can be formally lodged on the database ready for your Feed-In Tariff application. Sunlight Future have a database of assessors throughout the south west who we have used before and whose service we can recommend.

For domestic customers who don’t currently have a EPC rated D or above, we will (re)fund the assessment and certification when you book with your installation with us.

Overall we see the EPC requirement as a positive step to improving the energy efficiency of some of the UK’s older houses.

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