BYD Mini ES 3kWh

Fully self contained AC-Coupled battery storage unit, perfect for retro-fitting to existing systems.

BYD has years of experience in the battery sector being the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacture by sales volume. It is also responsible for the new battery powered electric London buses. This expertise has now been transferred to the domestic solar storage market with the Mini ES. This is a great solution as it is a fully self contained AC-coupled battery storage device. The battery, battery inverter and battery management system are all encompassed in one neat and tidy box, making it the perfect solution for retrofitting to an existing pv system. All components are made by BYD affording a warranty expendable to 10 years.

Battery Size: 3kWh

Depth of Discharge: 99%

Nominal/ Usable capacity: 3kWh

Number of Cycle: 6000

Cycle Efficiency: 93%

Peak Power Output:  3kWh

Dimensions: 680 x 256 x 610 mm

Weight: 96kg

Warranty: 5 yrs product warranty (expendable to 10)

Life Expectancy: 12 years or 6.000 cycles

Additional Components: None