Growatt SP2000 Battery Changer + 5kWh Battery.

An effective battery storage solution for domestic solar pv arrays.

The Growatt SP2000 charge controller, along with a 5kWh lithium-ion battery, has been designed to fit easily onto the DC side of almost any domestic solar pv array. The battery can provide power for homes with a modest evening demand to help maximise the self-consumption of the existing solar pv system. Growatt have years of experience manufacturing highly efficient solar pv inverters and the SP2000 is quickly helping to establish themselves as one of the largest domestic battery storage manufactures as well.

Battery Size: 5kWh

Depth of Discharge: 80%

Nominal/ Usable Capacity: 4kWh

Number of Cycles: 3000

Cycle Efficiency: 94%

Peak Power Output: 2kWh

Dimensions: 610 x 650 x 148mm

Weight: 45kg

Warranty: 5 Years

Life Expectancy: 10 Years