SMA Smart Energy

Inbuilt battery storage from the world’s largest inverter manufacturer.

The German based SMA are, globally, the largest inverter manufacturer and have a reputation of high quality products that utilise the latest technology from their outstanding R&D department. The SMA Smart Energy is one such product. A Lithium-ion battery with an effective capacity of 2kWh, manufactured by LG Chem, is joined to a Sunnyboy inverter to provide the easiest installation of a battery storage solution currently on the market.

Inverter: SMA Sunnyboy 3600/5000

Battery Size: ~2.4kWh

Depth of Discharge: 80%

Nominal/ Usable Capacity: 2kWh

Number of Cycles:   –

Cycle Efficiency: 97%

Peak Power output: 1.5kWh

Dimensions: 877 x 711 x 252 mm

Weight: 27.5kg (57.7kg total)

Battery Warranty: 7 Years