SMA Sunny Island

A high quality, reliable Off-Grid or On-Grid solution from the world’s largest inverter manufacturer.

The Sunny Island is one of the most effective solutions for off-grid set ups. It can manage a solar pv array with batteries, simultaneously, with a generator and/ or a grid (if available) to provide you with reliable and efficient off-grid power. It can also be fitted on the AC side of a grid-connected solar pv array as a battery inverter to act as a self-consumption battery storage system. The Sunny Island has been designed to work with Lithium-ion batteries such as the LG Chem 6.4kWh or lead acid batteries for larger off grid systems.

Power Rating: 3000W  /  4400W  (6000 & 8000W also available for larger systems)

Dimensions: 467 x 612 x 242 mm

Weight: 44kg

Applications: On-Grid and Off-grid

Additional Components: Battery, SMA Remote Control, SMA Energy Meter, SMA Home Manager