Victron Energy Multiplus

A hugely versatile battery system for both On-Grid and Off-Grid Applications.

Victron Energy are a very established brand in the energy storage and off grid solar pv industries. They have a wealth of knowledge to provide simple and reliable solutions that can be transferred into a number of different scenarios both on and off-grid. The Multiplus Inverter/ Charger provides a robust and reliable solution that can be used off-grid or on-grid in a self-consumption system. It can be added to the AC side of any existing solar pv system making it an incredibly versatile option.

Rated Power: 3000W  /  5000W

Dimensions: 362x258x218  /  444x328x240 mm

Weight: 18kg  /  30kg

Applications: On-Grid or Off-Grid

Additional Components: Victron Li-ion Battery, Victron Colour Control, Victron Sensor Hub, Victron BMS.