Rewards for heating with renewables


shutterstock_Green PigIf you install a renewable heating system, up until 31st March 2013, the government will give you a grant towards the cost known as the Renewable Heat Premium Payment (RHPP).  This is currently £850 for air source heat pumps

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) will be introduced later this year for domestic customers and will replace the RHPP.  This will be paid over 7 years at a rate between 6.9p and 11.5p per kWh. According to the Energy Savings Trust, the government has confirmed that people who have installed equipment under RHPP will still be eligible for support through the RHI, providing they meet the eligibility criteria (given below) of the full RHI scheme

The RHI will act much in the same way as the Feed-In tariff for solar PV, it will pay for the energy you generate from a renewable source, meaning your renewable heating system not only saves on energy bills, it also pays for itself over time and continues to earn extra income.  Through combining solar PV and RHI, heating and powering your home will become a truly profitable experience!

The UK government are proposing that consumers who installed a renewable heat installation since 15 July 2009 will be eligible to apply for the domestic RHI provided they:

  • have installed an eligible technology
  • meet the eligibility criteria on energy efficiency. Except in very limited circumstances, this will involve getting a Green Deal assessment and, in some cases, installing some additional energy efficiency measures
  • declare any government funding or support already received for the installation of renewable heat
  • do not have a back up fossil fuel heating system, or if they do, are prepared or have installed a heat usage meter on which the RHI payments can be based
  • meet all current MCS standards. In particular, for air-source heat pumps this includes evidence of either planning consent, or that when applied retrospectively, that the installation complies with the PDR (Permitted Development Rights) procedures in the MCS system.


source: Energy Savings Trust


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