Solar Panel Efficiency Comparison

The following chart compares the efficiencies of various brands and ranges of solar panel. Where roof space is limited or shading issues are present we recommend opting for more efficient panels that work better in a wider range of conditions.

All of the panels in our comparison conform with MCS specifications and are guaranteed to operate at at least 80% of original efficiency after 25 years.

Sunlight Future are approved dealers and installers of Sunpower modules – the highest efficiency of the panels currently available for domestic use.  A Sunpower 333W panel is approx the same size as other manufacturers’ 250W modules, this means smaller roofs can still achieve good generation:

No. modules Module type Rating Total Roof area
16 250W generic modules 4kW 25.9m2
12 333W SunPower E20 WHT modules 4kW 19.6m2

Our design process achieves the best return for our customers, by tailoring installations exactly to each customer we save you money and increase your return.