Solar Panel Manufacturers

We supply and fit all brands that have MCS certification and usually beat or match any genuine quote. However we often get asked which products we recommend and why. With a broad range of manufacturers all promoting various benefits, what is right for one installation may not be right for another. Our highly optimised designs will perfectly match your requirements. We have selected products from the three price bands below that have the best performance, build quality, longevity and aesthetics.

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Sunlight Future are Sanyo/Panasonic* Premier Installers and Sunpower Authorised Partners. Both of these manufactures produce extremely high performance market-leading products. With innovative technology such as Panasonic’s excellent HIT series hybrid modules and SunPower’s innovative Maxeon panel designs these panels offer approx 40% more watts per square metre than competitors’ panels.

These modules come with excellent manufacturing and performance warranties and are suitable both for installations with limited roof space or where you wish to maximize the output of a given surface area. The products themselves are more costly than mid-range modules but this is quickly made up for with increased solar power production and will achieve higher total returns over the system lifespan.

* as of 1/4/2012 Sanyo modules are made by Panasonic.


These modules tend to be slightly higher performance than the value brands and often with better build quality. Many of the brands are well established in the UK technologies market (Bosch, LG, Samsung etc).  Some excellent specialist European brands such as REC are frequently receiving international commendations both for their exceptional performance and the fantastic advances in the “greening” of their manufacturing processes (REC even use hydro power for all of their silicon production). We choose to specify panels from these brands as they are large bankable companies that can secure your renewable investment well into the future.

The energy payback on these products is usually markedly better than value products and better build quality (esp. with components such as cable and connectors) will help ensure minimal degradation or need for repairs over time.


Lower priced value panels are typically produced in China for lower costs than alternative panels. In our experience panels from these manufacturers don’t have the same quality control as the mid-range brands and modules and as these companies are not as established and the security offered by the warranties are typically underwritten by a third-party insurance firm.

This is not to say that all panels from China are a compromise or that there is anything unethical about using reputable Chinese manufacturers. Suntech, Upsolar and several other brands produce excellent modules and are covered by reliable warranties. Typically these panels are less efficient than higher-end products and require a slightly more space for installation but even this is improving all the time. Value panels may achieve faster payback but less total revenue over the system lifetime, they can also represent great cost-effective options on larger projects.


All panels we supply and fit are fully MCS certified – this is the U.K. standard requirement for installations to qualify for the Feed in Tariff.