The Tesla Powerwall 2 combines the very best technology with stunning product design. Tesla continue to revolutionise the home and small-to-medium-sized commercial storage market. The Powerwall 2 features 2170 Gigafactory-produced lithium-ion battery cells, holding 13.5kW of 100% useable power, built with technical know-how that Tesla have amassed through their product development in the EV market.

  1. Lowest cost per kiloWatt hour

    The Powerwall 2 holds significantly more power than competing products at a massively lower cost per kWh. We speak to a good number of people considering smaller 2-5kWh battery systems for their home who are amazed to find out the premium Tesla battery is also the best value home battery for equivalent energy density.

  2. The best warranties on the market

    Tesla have the best warranties on the market for the Powerwall 2 for good reason – their technology is more advanced than any other comparable system, with the Powerwall’s battery management system and liquid cooling the condition of the cells is better maintained, but also that greater capacity translates to lighter stress per-cell. Other smaller batteries need to work harder – with a lower capacity the battery will be charged and discharged both deeper and more frequently, reducing the lifespan.

  3. Fully monitored and future proofed

    Every Powerwall comes with full monitoring via the Tesla portal, this also enables auto updates via the web to optimise the system to any future developments such as new multi rate tariff structures or energy share schemes.

  4. Tried and tested

    With over a decade’s experience in producing batteries for the demanding application of powering EV’s, the Powerwall 2 is no early-adopter product. It has been designed to provide more-than sufficient power for the modern home, storing electricity generated by solar panels during the day as well the facility to charge your Powerwall 2 with cheap off-peak electricity.

  5. Multi rate tariff compatible

    Multi-rate energy tariffs are becoming a significant part of the energy market – by combining your Powerwall 2 with a switch to one of these purpose-designed energy plans you can decimate your electricity bill and profoundly reduce your carbon footprint.

  6. In-house design process

    We generate data based on your energy use and onsite generation to project the costs and savings of your Powerwall and can incorporate this into your solar PV quote if required.

  7. Fully scaleable

    Need even more power?  Tesla have designed the Powerwall 2 to be stackable so installing multiple units won’t swallow all of your valuable wall space.  The new unit is also three-phase compatible for houses or commercial premises with greater power needs.



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